Optimize your space with our friendly, end-to-end interior design service

Whether you already have a clear idea in mind or still wondering about what you want, we’d be happy to help you plan, design, and optimize your space’s full potential.

We believe that “a consultation with an interior designer” shouldn’t be intimidating–for us designing the space should be as enjoyable as looking at the finished result.

So sit back, relax, and schedule a meet up at your favorite coffee shop for a chat with us!

Why Building with grrad ?

  • Approachable

    We keep the quality, budget, and timeline while keeping it casual.

    To us, “consultation” means chatting over coffee and overseeing your project should be simple and easy.

  • Simple

    Project management made intuitive.

    Once we kickstart the project, keeping track of it becomes effortless with our simple-to-read periodical reports. Setting up meetings for updates with our team is just as easy.

  • Personal

    Not just a finished, functioning space: your place.

    We will start with assessing your preferences. Once we figure that out, we will work with you to reach not only the look, but also the mood, a place that isn’t just functioning but also evoking an intended feeling.

  • Affordable

    Always know what you’re paying for.

    No hidden charges. No mysterious markups. No cutting corners. We break down your budget to the details, because like you, we always want to know where every cent of our hard-earned money go.

grrad service

    • Survey
    • Planning
    • 3D Sketch & Rendering
    • Design Documents
    • Budget Estimation
    • Periodic Supervision
    • Build
    • Survey
    • 3D Sketch & Rendering
    • Design Documents
    • Budget Estimation
    • Build

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